Weingut Schloss Johannisberg

Schloss Johannisberg
D - 65366 Geisenheim-Johannisberg

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Tasting Notes


2011 - Rosa-Goldlack Riesling Beerenauslese
It is an orgy in the nose with so much complexity and intensity and so many great flavors like raisins, nuts, mango, cherry, honey and some tropical flavors, you still taste the great mineralization and floral notes. On the palate a powerhouse, with lasting minerality, unbelievably dense, huge complexity. Hard to describe, a wicked one, hardly anything like it. 


2014 - Rosalack Riesling Auslese
Powerful fruity nose of exotic fruits like pineapple, mango and kiwi based on beautiful minerality, also apples, pear and sweet raspberries, slight vanilla. On the palate so creamy and smooth, perfectly balanced fruit-acidity mix, broad fruit basket with raspberries, kiwi and apples as main examples. Wicked wine! 

1989 - Rosalack Riesling Auslese
Wicked stuff. Contains everything we love with lots of honey, caramel and #chocolate flavors, still great acidity, fresh, great silkyness, stays forever and ever.


2015 - Grünlack Riesling Spätlese
The #spätlese #riesling #2015 from #schlossjohannisberg is a true pleasure ... Beautiful spicy slate-like minerality in the nose and on the palate, great fruit basket with peach and apricots, also mango and pineapple, slight black currant. So juicy, so well balanced, so good!

2014 - Grünlack Riesling Spätlese
A true classic! Just the perfect balance of great minerality, elegant acidity, lively fruit and some floral elements.

1999 - Grünlack Riesling Spätlese
In the nose yellow apples, pear, melon, honey, caramel, spicy minerality, on the palate smooth acidity, nuts, minerality with great spiciness, crystal clear, mineral finish with smooth acidity. So good!


2017 - Rotlack Riesling Kabinett
Beautiful yellow stone fruit nose with peach and yellow plums, also exotic notes and mandarin, herbal spiciness. On the palate smooth, well balanced acidity, great fruit-spices-combination.


"Bibliotheca subterranea: On top is a castle – underground is a legend

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"At the roots of Riesling - Schloss Johannisberg"