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Weingut Peter Jakob Kühn
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65375 Oestrich-Winkel

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Tasting Notes

Oestrich Lenchen

2017 - Lenchen Riesling Beerenauslese
The nose is a beauty-mix of dried apricots, mango, plums, raisins and honey, smooth and beautiful. The palate is juicy-elegant, filled with ripe plums, honey, smooth and dense, with a super-elegant acidity. The finish is a beautiful mix of lively acidity and powerful dried fruits. Amazing wine!

2017 - Lenchen Riesling Auslese
Definitely a masterpiece for all lovers of sweet Rieslings. Highly recommended! Nose is fresh and sweet-juicy at the same time, raisins, stone fruits like peach and dried apricots, mixed with exotic notes like dried mango. The palate is defined by the great fruit notes but with a beautiful minerality underlay, slightly smoky. Long and fruity finish. A wine to make you addicted!

2017 - Lenchen Riesling Kabinett
Very nice fresh fruit nose with a bit of vanilla. On the palate fresh, light and lively acidity, dancing, only slight sweetness, very intense citrus notes. The finish is juicy and fresh, very animating, spicy notes, slight pepper. Fantastic wine!

2016 - Lenchen Riesling Spätlese
2016 with a clear and elegant nose, spicy with liam and quartzite minerality, on the palate very fresh, spices, fruit notes of apple and stone fruits, beautifully complex and light at the same time. 

2016 - Lenchen Riesling Kabinett
Fine, fruity nose, yellow fruits of apple, peach, apricots and pear, great quartzite minerality. On the palate great fresh minerality mixed with vibrant fruitiness. Finishes long with soft acidity, spicy minerals and great yellow apples. A Kabi to love!

2011 - Lenchen Riesling Spätlese
The 2011 comes less balanced but with a very mineralic nose almost with typical slate elements, on the palate very juicy, great fruit-acidity-minerality combination, two very different but nevertheless great wines.  

2010 - Lenchen Riesling Spätlese
Slate minerality, yellow plums, honey and herbs. Great sweetness acidity balance. Great one!

1999 - Lenchen Riesling Auslese
The nose is sweet with lots of dried fruit, caramelized figs, raisins and honey. On the palate it comes juicy, smooth and smoky, lots of dried fruit again, caramelized orange, honey, orange peel, also some floral notes. Wicked aged Riesling with an amazing color. 

1996 - Lenchen Riesling Spätlese
Golden and oily in the glass. The nose is smooth and promising with floral notes, honey, raisins, almonds, light minerality, berries, but also stone fruit notes. On the palate fresh and vital, smooth but very present acidity, smoky, spicy. Everlasting finish. Brilliant!

Oestrich Doosberg

2016 - Doosberg Riesling GG
The nose is powerful and elegant – which is a great mix, nuts, voluminous without being heavy, definitely finer and clearer than the fantastic 2015, round and full-bodied, vanilla, banana, also ripe pineapple. The palate comes with a powerful and elegant acidity, smooth and creamy. The finish surprises you with spices and pepper. A great GG!

2015 - Doosberg Riesling GG
The vintage was a warm one with a lot of sun, which results in much power. The nose is opulent, powerful, ripe fruits, nuts and vanilla. The palate is a great mix of power and elegance, spicy minerality. The finish is long, elegant and full-bodied, citrus peel, slight salt and phenolic. A huge Riesling.

2013 - Doosberg Riesling R
This Riesling comes from a special part of the #doosberg – the Dooesberger Köpfchen. The wine is put on the yeast and left alone until it naturally finishes fermentation without any time limits. The current vintage available is 2013 – so you see the wine has time enough to get in perfect shape. The nose is very fine and noble, herbal, nuts, wood and vanilla. The palate is elegant, light and powerful at the same time, good complexity, long with nice dense acidity. The finish comes tart, with wood notes, smoky and slight vanilla. A great experience.

Oestrich Klosterberg

2015 - Oestricher Klosterberg Riesling trocken
Beautiful complex nose with very stony minerality, smoky and spicy, white flowers, some honey, ripe plums. On the palate dense, smooth but present citrus based acidity, spicy minerality, grapefruit peel, finishes with notes of wood and everlasting acidity. Great stuff!

Hallgarten Hendelberg

2016 - Hallgarten Hendelberg Riesling trocken
The nose is quite opulent, wood notes, smoky, ripe fruits, fine herbs. The palate comes with a lively acidity, fresh minerality, spicy, tart, dense and long. Finish is spicy and smooth with ripe fruit notes.


2017 - Quarzit Riesling
The nose is beautiful, powerful, ripe fruit notes, spicy. The palate comes dense with a fine and still very powerful acidity, nice spiciness, firestone style. It finishes with spicy and fresh citrus fruit.

2016 - Quarzit Riesling
Light but lively nose with green apple, lemon peel, gooseberries and slate, powerful explosion of quartzite slate minerality and citrus flavors on the palate, fine spices, crisp acidity, long lasting minerality. Great one!


2017 - Hallgartener Rheinschiefer Riesling
The nose comes taut and mineralic, great spices and herbs. The palate is fine and elegant, not super deep but super accessible, lively, vital and mineralic. It finishes citrusy, animating. A truly elegant and lively companion.


2017 - Jacobus Riesling
The nose is filled with smoky honey notes, mineralic, ripe fruit, quite opulent. On the palate it is fresh and full of minerality, crisp and still elegant acidity, lively. The finish is very animating with minerality and citrus fruit notes. 


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