Peter Jakob Kühn – the most honest Riesling you can get

The vintage 2017 at PJK is vital and has good grip. The vintage 1703 might have been the same. Who knows… But since then the winery Peter Jakob Kühn from Rheingau makes Riesling. Unbelievable! Always in the family, from one generation to the next.

Looking back on our visit to this fantastic, five Gault Millau grapes winery feels a bit like we came down. Down to the basis of our crazy Riesling hobby. Calming down, truly relaxing. One of the best conversations about wine we ever had – quiet, honest and real.

Let’s start from the beginning: We are big fans of Peter Jakob Kühn ever since. They managed to develop the winery from barrel sale to bottle sale, from cheap to quality and from standard to biodynamic – in only one generation. That is a massive achievement. It was the generation who now are the grandparents of the family. A life dedicated to Riesling. Unbelievable.

But how do you hand that heritage over to the next generation – and what would you do as the next generation to deal with it? That is exactly why we had to meet Peter Kühn who is now the master mind of the winery today. And we joined an afternoon to love.

Sitting together with Peter is a very peaceful thing to do. He doesn’t seem in a rush. He talks about the “natural power of the wine”. Literally, down to earth. And that great winemaking manages to trust, take nothing away from that power, no beautification, no corrections. Everything sounds so easy, but it’s not.

The 2017 vintage at PJK is vital and has good grip. These are the words of the winemaker. We had a broad tasting through the entire vintage. Some of the great Rieslings we want to share with you in our tasting notes.

Have a look o  n our  tasting notes  from Peter Jakob Kühn.

Have a look on our tasting notes from Peter Jakob Kühn.

The dedication in the vineyard is the magic secret of Peter Jakob Kühn wines. When you listen to Peter you find someone who is close to the vines, to the vineyard and to its specific terroir. A man who breathes with the vines. He has his vision of the winery. The words elegance and honesty play a big role in that.

Asked for his vision of the winery Peter says: make the wines even more honest and elegant. Hard to imagine, but we really want to be passengers on this journey! We will come back.

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