Reichsrat von Buhl: It’s all about the team.

What would you do if you were asked to manage one of the best known wineries of German Riesling tomorrow? Especially, since you are not a winemaker but a journalist. Whatever your answer would be, it would be a great story to tell at parties…

To make it short: Richard Grosche, back than Chief editor at the Meininger Publishing House, said yes. And more than that, he immediately presented a five year vision for the famous winery Reichsrat von Buhl in the Pfalz.

And you can hardly choose a winery with more tradition to start your wine manager career – a winery who’s Rieslings have been mentioned by composer Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, served at the opening of the Suez canal and drunk by German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck.

No doubt, this man has a special passion for wine. Richard Grosche knows them all – not only in Germany but across Europe – the winemakers, the wines, the philosophies. No miracle: After a decade as a wine taster you know them. But Richard is someone who has many more ideas in his mind.

We realized that immediately after we arrived in beautiful Deidesheim – the home base of winery Reichsrat von Buhl. After seconds, we were wrapped in a deep conversation that lasted for hours and just wouldn’t want to stop. Also carried by Richard’s amazing sense of humor.

One of the things Richard likes to talk about the most is his fantastic partner and cellarer Mathieu Kauffmann. In 2013, the team presented their very first vintage together. And ever since quality was on the rise. Not only because Mathieu is one of the world’s most famous Champagne makers and gave the variety of Sekt at Buhl a boost that is hard to compare. But also because the consequent strategy of producing truly dry Rieslings of the highest quality is simply a winning strategy.

We tasted the 2016 Sekt collection and were simply overwhelmed: This is drinking beauty, this is pure elegance, this is everything that makes a great Champagne – but with the amazing charm and hospitality of the Pfalz. Wicked stuff! We just laid back in our chairs and had moments of inner peace and joy. A feeling that we never had before with a German Sekt in our hands.

Looking at everything that Richard and Mathieu have achieved within only five years, we can only state two conclusions: First, we wish them all the best for the next five years. Second, we can’t wait to come back and accompany the two on their amazing journey.

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