“Riesling Places”: The beautiful Rebstock in Waldulm

The man who designed one of the best wine lists in Germany is a big Riesling fan and a fantastic cook. What a perfect combination for us! Together with his wife and a great team they created not only a comfortable restaurant and a charming historic hotel – but a true “Riesling Place”.

Karl Hodapp, owner of the Rebstock, could be used to receiving awards. Many times has his wine list been named as one of the best in Germany. And as a cook who learned his business right next to famous Eckhart Witzigmann in three Michelin star restaurant “Aubergine” he knows the pressure of fighting for the best result every day. But you will not feel that when you come to Waldulm.

What you will find there is piece. And relaxation. And family atmosphere. And fantastic quality in everything you see, feel or taste. That is such a charming combination which makes it very easy to fall in love with that place. And to come back again and again.

Where to begin? The hotel itself is from 1750, and located in the middle of the vineyards. A great place with lots of history. Everything inside is designed with love and a great feeling for combining historical elements and high standards. The restaurant has an amazing terrace that lets you see the vines while eating the fantastic food while the sun is shining. Also the inside restaurant is a very charming place with lots of love for all the important details.

We had the great opportunity to visit the wine cellar together with Karl Hodapp and to chat with him about his favorites and how he composes the wine list and decides for the wines to order. You could see immediately that the man has come a long way through the different wines and regions. Not a single wine in his cellar that he hasn’t tried. But in the end he has become a true fan of Riesling.

His heart also very much beats for supporting the regional winemakers of Baden and discovering new talents in this field. And at the same time you will find many more international positions on this wine list than other restaurants have. The big Riesling names like Klaus-Peter Keller, FX Pichler or Clos Ste Hune, plus new and regional talents – that creates a wine list (actually more a wine book) that is already fun to read but even more fun to try many, many wines.

On last sentence: Every time when passion, talent and heart come together something amazing starts – just like at the Rebstock where you can meet wonderful people, drink fantastic wines and eat fantastic food. Can’t wait to come back!

That is our “Riesling Places” series: You cannot tell the story of Riesling without mentioning a few places where the story gets magic. For us, these places are not just Restaurants or Hotels. They are cornerstones of the Riesling history – its past and its current hype. One of these places is the Rebstock in Waldulm/Germany.


Gasthof Rebstock Waldulm
Karl Hodapp
Kutzendorf 1
77876 Kappelrodeck/Waldulm