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Tasting Notes


2015 - Jungfer Riesling GG
The nose is filled with yellow apples, some pear and yellow fruits, great minerality. Very precise and juicy on the palate, great spicy quartzite minerality, straight acidity, wonderful citrus notes. Very long, finishes with great lemon and citrus peel.

2015 - Jungfer Riesling Auslese
In the nose honey, berries, spicy herbs and plum with nice minerality, on the palate smooth, silky and oily, with vibrant acidity, black currant and blackberry, mineralic finish. Very good! 

2015 - Jungfer Riesling Spätlese
The #2015 comes with a perfect mix of herbs, floral notes and fruit elements in the nose, the minerality comes with a quartzite note and is very present, on the palate very soft and fruity, great fresh acidity, nice mineral body, mirabelles and yellow apples.

2003 - Jungfer Riesling Spätlese
The #2003 hits your nose with dry fruit notes like dried plums and raisins, honey and chocolate notes, on the palate great minerality mixed with honey, caramel and ripe plums, beautiful aging, less fresh but amazingly round and long.