At the roots of Riesling - Schloss Johannisberg

If you want to know where the Riesling comes from there is no better place than Schloss Johannisberg in the middle of the Rheingau region. It is not only a beautiful place where you can have a fantastic view to the river Rhine, where you can sit outside when the sun is shining and where you can eat and drink the local wine. It is also some kind of the birthplace of todays Riesling.

It is said to be the oldest Riesling vineyard in the world. Some 1,200 years of viticultural history are associated with Johannisberg. The "Spätlese" (late harvest) was invented here - same with "Icewine". Amazing stories were written here. For more than 300 years they grow no other wine than Riesling. The Rieslings are amazing - with funny names like "Grünlack", "Gelblack", "Rosalack" which could be translated like "Green paint", "Yellow paint" and "Pink paint".

Do you want to know how the "Spätlese" was invented? Here is the wrap-up: In the older days it was normal to send someone with a cupple of grapes to the former religious leader of the region to get permission to let the harvest can begin. One year the guy disappeared and came late a cupple of weeks. In the meantime the Grapes were infested with noble rot. The still made a wine out of that and - tataaaa - there was the first Spätlese wine.

The trip can really be recommended. We will sure come back very soon!