Our winter trip to Rheingau

It was a foggy day, when we went to Rheingau in late December. You couldn’t even see the river Rhine – although it was right in front of you. We decided to visit Peter Jakob Kuehn – right after he was awarded with five grapes from Gault Millau. On the same tour we went to see the vineyards of Leitz, Künstler and Spreitzer. They are all located around the same spot.

But our main target was Peter Jakob Kühn. It was an incredible year for him. Making it to the top of German wineries, awarded for the best collection in the Rheingau and at the same time receiving 100 points for his unbelievable "Lenchen” Trockenbeerenauslese 2015 – just time to say congratulations. His wife was opening the door. She is such a wonderful, friendly and warm-hearted person, who has also so many stories to tell about Riesling… Like this one:

Everytime a new generation of the winery is born, they open up a special bottle of wine: When the 13th generation saw the light of earth they opened a bottle of 1932 Trockenbeerenauslese. The bottle was hidden underground – they literally burried it in the earth – across entire World War II. They opened it more than 80 years later – still fresh and with an unbelievable tasting experience.

Thank you for that great story!