The best Riesling from the Nahe

There is a lot of great Riesling in Germany. But the rise of the Nahe region in the last years is really tremendous. The Nahe is a very beautiful river in the heart of Germany that forms a beautiful valley. Still not a touristic region like the Mosel – where in some time of the year you can hardly walk because of all the people – but it is really worth travelling there also because of ist beautiful nature and rocks.

But even more the region is worth travelling for ist fantastic Riesling. The rocky landscape allows winemakers to produce Riesling with an amazing flavour mix of stone, minerals and plate. There are more than 50 different types of terroir at the Nahe. That creates an amazing variety of spectacular Rieslings.

The climate at the Nahe is just perfect for amazing Rieslings – mild spring, mediterain summers with rain, and cool long autumns. That allows fantastic fruit notes in all of the great Rieslings from this region and is the perfect basis for long lasting Auslese, Beerenauslese and Trockenbeerenauslese.

For us there are five real rockstars of Nahe Riesling: On the upper Nahe there is Schäfer-Fröhlich in Bockenau and Emrich-Schönleber in Monzingen, in the middle section of the river it is Dönnhoff in Oberhausen an der Nahe and Gut Hermannsberg in Niederhausen, and at the lower Nahe just before it flows into the beautiful Rhein there is Schlossgut Diel in Rümmelsheim. All of them are clearly worth a visit – and even more so a complete tasting of there Riesling lineups. In addition, there is Jakob Schneider catching up to the rest.

Two of them – Schäfer-Fröhlich and Dönnhoff – have just been awarded with the fifth grape of GaultMillau in 2016. That is clearly a remarkable Award based on a lot of personal effort. We just became great fans of the Nahe and ist marvelous winemakers!

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