Gut Hermannsberg

Ehemalige Weinbaudomäne
55585 Niederhausen-Nahe

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Tasting Notes


2015 - Herrmannsberg Riesling GG
The 2015 comes with a very spicy and herbal minerality in the nose, orange peel and slight exotic fruit notes, floral elements. On the palate great depth, fresh and powerful minerality, smooth acidity, mandarine peel and citrus, very balanced, spicy mineral finish with nutmeg notes.

2010 - Herrmannsberg Riesling GG
The 2010 presents itself smoother in the nose, great minerality again, but with slight honey and nuts, also herbal, on the palate the additional five years make this GG even smoother, finer and softer, the depth stays and gets well balanced with great minerality, elegant acidity and nice honey, finishes with great spiciness. If can afford to wait, five years definitely help to offer a bomb of a Riesling.


2016 - Rotenberg Riesling Spätlese
Fresh, fruity nose, slight minerality, passionfruit, peach and yellow apples. On the palate cool, great fruit-acidity-balance, really animating. Finishes with fresh fruity acidity.


2016 - Steinberg Riesling Spätlese
In the nose very sweet and floral, exotic fruit elements, also grapefruit notes, decent cool minerality, on the palate the fresh and cool minerality is greatly integrated with elegant acidity. Nice fruit with yellow apples, peach, mango, ripe pinapple. Cool acidity finish with long lasting fruit notes. 


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