Emrich Schönleber

Soonwaldstraße 10a
55569 Monzingen

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Tasting Notes


2016 - Halenberg Riesling GG
Unbelievably dense and concentrated wine, in the nose wonderful spicy minerality from blue slate, citrus and stone fruit aromas, floral, slight grapefruit and pear. On the palate a deep minerality with a salty finish, so deep, perfectly structured, juicy, creamy and with finesse, greatly balanced. This wine has potential for many, many years.


2008 - Frühlingsplätzchen Riesling GG
Fine, elegant nose, pineapple, elderflower, spices, flintstone, slight zabaglione. On the palate perfect harmony of lively, dense acidity and deep spicy minerality, ripe fruit basket of fine exotic fruit and yellow stone fruits. Finishes everlasting with a great candied pineapple, pepper and grapefruit peel mix. Outstanding Riesling!


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