Weingut Dr. Crusius

Hauptstrasse 2
55595 Traisen

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Tasting Notes


2016 - Bastei Riesling GG
The #bastei is definitely a true bomb and maybe the best wine from the outstanding collection of @weingutdrcrusius. In the nose you have a great mix of ripe exotic fruits like pineapple and passion fruits, but also ripe peaches, with a fantastic spicy firestone minerality. On the palate powerful but still silky acidity dances with herbs and spices, deep minerality, everlasting finish with slight exotic notes and lots of great spiciness. Just love this wine! 

2015 - Bastei Riesling GG
The Bastei 2015 is more exotic in the fruit notes, it is the most spicy of all three with herbal elements in the nose, fine but very complex and characteristic. The palate is filled with minerality, well integrated acidity, light fruitiness and seems to stay forever. 

2015 - Bastei Riesling Beerenauslese
The #drcrusius #bastei #beerenauslese #2015 comes with a wicked sweet nose of raisins, honey, fig, exotic and yellow fruits like yellow plums, melon and apples, floral and herbal elements. A nose to fall in love with! On the palate creamy elegance, based on a spicy firestone-like minerality, sweet yellow apples, berries, pear, plum, also melon and mango. What a fruit basket. Still not heavy, still swinging elegance. If you can wait, do it. But this baby is ready to be enjoyed.


2015 - Felsenberg Riesling GG
The Felsenberg comes with this amazing and very special minerality from volcanic ground, fruits are apple and gooseberry, fruity finish with nice acidity.

2015 - Felsenberg Riesling Auslese
A big fruit basket in the nose: with lots of passion fruit, cherry and yellow stone fruits, slight minerality, on the palate fresh and joyful, with a lively acidity, great play of acidity and sweetness, nice mineral body. An Auslese to love. 

2009 - Felsenberg Riesling Auslese
Great balanced, deep minerality,  cherry and plum in the fruit notes, on the palate great with a smooth play. Wicked!


2015 - Mühlberg Riesling GG
The Mühlberg is the most graceful, citrus notes and stone fruits like nectarines define the fruit notes. The finish can be described with powerful grace.

Traiser Rotenfels

2015 - Traiser Rotenfels Riesling Auslese
Fine minerality in the nose, elegant fruit notes of citrus and peach, herbal spices. On the palate lots of peach and citrus, very smooth and elegant, greatly integrated acidity, finishes with great minerality, perfect balance. Great Auslese! 

2010 - Rotenfels Riesling GG
Great mineralic nose with beautiful spices and citrus, on the palate great citrus elements mixing with stone minerality, crisp acidity, almost perfectly balanced with slight honey. Wicked stuff!


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