Weingut Gunderloch

Inhaber Johannes Hasselbach
Carl-Gunderloch-Platz 1
55299 Nackenheim

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Tasting Notes


2016 - Rothenberg Riesling Spätlese
Deep and intense nose of beautiful spicy minerality mixed with delicious ripe peach and apricot flavors, herbal as well. The complexity of the nose gets surprised by a light and swift palate, fresh and easy, wonderful balance of fruit, minerality and long, mouthwatering acidity, great spicy peach finish. 

2016 - Rothenberg Riesling Auslese
This wine shows this amazing potential from the first time you try it. The 2016 has it all already: The Rothenberg is the best vineyards of Gunderloch with its fantastic red slate minerality. It gives the wine such an amazing spicy, mineral ground, on that basis great exotic fruit notes of passion fruits and pineapple meet with slightly herbal citrus flavours. On the palate it has this great acidity-fruit-minerality play. Wicked!  

2010 - Rothenberg Riesling Auslese
The 2010 offers all of the 2016 but with the most beautiful aging of honey, caramel notes in the nose. Fine acidity. Great spicy minerality still. Herbal notes. Mixing up to a powerful composition of balance an Auslese Riesling can achieve. Herbs that have been dipped in honey. Exotic fruit notes mixing an elegant acidity. All based on spicy red slate minerality. Amazing wine!

1994 - Rothenberg Riesling Auslese
Great combination of licorice, smoke, caramel and herbs in the nose plus mirabell, grapefruit, raisins and orange on the palate. Crazy stuff! 


2016 - Pettenthal Riesling GG
It is only the second best GG of Gunderloch winery but it is a bomb. Your nose is filled with the amazing spicy and herbal minerality only a great Grosses Gewächs can develop. Red slate minerality produced in a way where the herbs hit you frozen cold, almost metallic, elegant fruit notes mandarins, grapefruit, lychee, slight mandarin peel, slightly nutty as well, stays forever with its amazing mineral-spicy-acidity.

Jean Baptiste

2016 - Jean Baptiste Riesling Kabinett
If you are a Kabi lover it is quite hard to not fall in love with this one. Beautiful fruit notes of apricots and citrus, beautiful red slate minerality, elegant spices. Also on the palate elegant, lively acidity, beautiful fruit based on yellow stone fruits like peach and apricots plus great citrus and lemon flavors, spicy minerality. You will not be able to stop!