Weingut Dreissigacker

Untere Klinggasse 4
67595 Bechtheim

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Tasting Notes


2013 - Morstein Riesling
Beautiful nose of yellow fruits, herbs, slight nuts, well integrated but powerful minerality on the palate, spicy and juicy, slightly salty with a great acidity-minerality-finish. Really fun to drink! 


2015 - Geyersberg Riesling
It comes into the nose with deep lime stone minerality, earthy and very herbal notes, also on the palate the Geyersberg is a very rich and complex Riesling. Herbs, minerality and well integrated acidity define this wine. Shades of fruit notes tend to citrus, gooseberries and grapefruit. The mineralization carries it to stay very long. 

2010 - Geyersberg Riesling
The 2010 , has the same body as the 2015, the acidity is far more discreet, herbal notes are just great. Honey flavors and smoky notes add to the complexity, the mineralization is very characteristic. But the balance is even greater! 

Bechtheimer Hasensprung

2013 - Bechtheimer Hasensprung Riesling Auslese
Strong sweet fruit basket in the nose filled with peach, yellow apples, sweet grapefruit, elderflower and herbal notes. On the palate comes an unbelievably fresh acidity that plays with the sweet notes and seems to stay forever.