Weingut Kranz

Weingut Kranz
Mörzheimer Straße 2
76831 Ilbesheim

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Tasting Notes


2015 - Kalmit Riesling GG
The Kalmit is the best vineyard of the winery . Elegant and clear, great minerality in the nose, fruit notes of peach and apricots, very straight on the palate, still too young but still already drinkable, great and long minerals-acidity finish.

2015 - Kalmit Riesling Beerenauslese
It comes with lots of apples in the nose, raisins, honey, herbs like lemon grass, also pear and exotic fruit notes. On the palate fresh and very clear, beautiful minerality makes it spicy and powerful, great fruit basket in connection with great acidity. Finishes everlasting with beautiful spiciness and lots of fruit elements. Wicked! 

2009 - Kalmit Riesling GG
Minerality driven nose with herbal notes and citrus fruit, slight honey, slight peach, on the palate great loan and limestone minerality, crisp acidity, slight aging with honey flavors, but with a great balance of an aging GG.


2015 - Kirchberg Riesling GG
It has a nose with citrus and green apple, nice mineralization, on the palate great balance of acidity, fruit and minerality, but still quite closed, better give it two more years.

Ilbesheimer Westerberg 

2015 - Ilbesheimer Westerberg Riesling
This wine is around 15 Euros and it comes with a really character nose of barrique, limestone minerality, great citrus notes, also yellow apples and some peach, on the palate the acidity is very racy, great lemon and citrus notes, long mineralic-juicy finish. A hit for this price!

vom Landschneckenkalk

2016 - Ilbesheim Riesling Landschnecken vom Kalk
Something with crisp acidity and beautiful fresh minerality