Weingut Friedrich Becker

Weingut Friedrich Becker
Hauptstraße 29
76889 Schweigen-Rechtenbach

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Tasting Notes


2015 - Sonnenberg Riesling Spätlese
Fresh and fruity nose with gooseberry, apple, honey, floral elements and fine minerality, on the palate a Spätlese beauty, complex with grapefruit, apple, cherry notes, well integrated mineralization. Very long lasting, great Riesling.

2011 - Sonnenberg Riesling
Wonderful spicy nose with great minerality, very cool, with gooseberry and herbs, on the palate a crisp and demanding acidity full of cool freshness and power, great minerality that reminds a bit of grey slate but is actually limestone, finishes soft with nice fruit notes of yellow apples. 

2008 - Sonnenberg Riesling
Honey, caramel and wood in the nose, fine citrus and stone fruit notes on the palate with herbs, smoky flavors, limestone minerality and a taste of the wood barrel. This one stays long...