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Tasting Notes

Kallstadter Saumagen

2015 - Kallstadter Saumagen Riesling Auslese trocken
Spicy nose with great minerality, candid notes of lime and grapefruit, mint, but also yellow fruits, slight quince, on the palate powerful acidity, smoky wood, deep spicy minerality, finishes long with spicy plums, vanilla and yellow fruit notes. If you imagine it to get more balance over the years - like Koehler-Ruprecht usually does - this one will be the bomb in five years!

2012 - Kallstadter Saumagen Riesling Spätlese trocken
The nose is based on spicy minerality and a mix of red currant, yellow apples and multiple herbs, slight wood, pear and apricots as well. On the palate dry, very powerful acidity, berries and apples, slight petrol notes that disappear after a while in the glass, beautiful minerality in the long finish.

2009 - Kallstadter Saumagen Riesling Auslese trocken
You immediately recognise the golden color in the glas. Powerful nose that is build on minerality, spices, herbs and floral elements. The wine is full-bodied and well orchestrated. The very characteristic minerality - that tastes like a great balance of linestone and loam minerality – carries its floral and fruit notes of plums and apricots. The Auslese trocken finishes very soft with great spiciness, aging flavors of honey and echos very long.

2006 - Kallstadter Saumagen Riesling Auslese trocken
This is truly an exiting wine, carried by exceptional spices and wonderful minerality, with honey, nuts and apples. Great one!