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Tasting Notes


2016 - Abtsberg Riesling GG
Nice fruit of apples and pears, beautiful #moselle slate minerality, spicy, fresh herbs, on the palate creamy, powerful and long. Great stuff! 

1998 - Abtsberg Riesling Auslese 215
The nose is a perfect aged #riesling nose with lots of lots of licorice, honey and roasted caramel, spicy minerality, smoky. On the palate it is in amazing balance, so powerful and dense, fresh acidity, crisp, great spicy minerality, not a bit heavy even though it is some complex, great fruit notes with orange peel, unripe mango, gooseberry. Not sweet, just a dream. Perfectly aged Riesling!

1995 - Abtsberg Riesling Auslese
Unbelievable fresh with amber color, apples, pineapple and black currant in the nose, great fresh acidity and beautiful balanced slate and herbal flavours. Just wonderful!

1988 - Abtsberg Riesling Auslese
Brilliant mixture of caramel, licorice, raisins, floral notes and still elements of spicy minerality, nice acidity, long lasting.


1995 - Herrenberg Riesling Auslese
Herbs and honey in the nose, on the palate fresh and lively acidity, fruit notes of apple and pineapple, aging elements of honey and chocolate, very fresh with the beautiful taste of 20 years in the bottle.