Julian Haart

Trevererstraße. 12
54498 Piesport

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Tasting Notes


2016 - Schubertslay Riesling Spätlese
There is good reason that this wine had so many positive comments. Fresh and elegant nose, spicy slate minerality meets wonderful honey, peach and floral notes, lychee, green apple. On the palate so elegant and chilled, green apples combined with beautifully balanced minerality, not heavy, even though it is a fruity Spätlese. Delicious apple pie and citrus notes in the everlasting finish.

2016 - Schubertslay Riesling Kabinett
Great nose of spicy minerality, citrus, lemon, white fruits and stone fruit. On the palate great sweetness meeting a great acidity, exotic fruits, lemon peel, very powerful and deep. 


2016 - Goldtröpfchen Riesling Spätlese
The 2016 has a powerful fruity apple nose, funny that both – green and yellow apples play in the nose, wonderful underlying minerality, slight pear. On the palate perfectly elegant mix of mineralic spiciness, smooth acidity and apple and citrus fruits.

2008 - Goldtröpfchen Riesling Spätlese
The 2008 comes with a more golden color, a lot of honey adds to the apple fruit nose, on the palate so smooth, so soft, so elegant, with a spicy mineralic and fruity finish. The aging takes out a bit of acidity and adds honey notes, the result is just wicked!


2016 - Ohligsberg Riesling Kabinett
What a perfect summer wine – if you like slate minerality based, slightliy sweet #moselle Kabinetts. We do! The nose comes with lots of typical slate minerality, spicy and herbal, with pepper, citurs, green apple and lemon balm. On the palate it is juicy and racy, good complexity but light as a feather lots of citrus fruits, finishes with great spices and herbs again.

2016 - Ohligsberg Riesling Auslese
Stone fruits and rock sugar in the nose with floral and slight herbal notes, beautiful smooth and juicy on the palate, stone fruits like peach and cherries dominate, decent minerality, also floral elements and rock sugar, very juicy finish. We can't stop drinking this great wine! 


2016 - MoselRiesling
The nose is like best saar style with a fresh citrus acidity, yellow and green apples, peach and nice slate minerality. On the palate spicy notes from the minerality are followed by a fresh and animating acidity. The finish is is filled with many citrus notes. Can’t wait for the 2017s of Julian Haart!