Weingut Franzen

Kilian Franzen
Gartenstraße 14
56814 Bremm/Mosel

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Tasting Notes

Bremmer Calmont

2016 - Bremmer Calmont Riesling GG
Spicy slate minerality in the nose mixed with exotic fruit notes, slightly smoky, herbal notes, slight lemon grass. On the palate dense and powerful, well structured, greatly integrated acidity, exotic fruit notes, peach, finishes with great citrus and spicy flavor.

2015 - Bremmer Calmont Calidus Mons Riesling
When the news came out that Kilian Franzen from Weingut Franzen was named „Newcomer of the Year“ by falstaff.magazin our first thought was: Well deserved. Did you try their recent Rieslings? You should. From the worlds steepest vineyard Bremmer Calmont comes a powerful, minerality driven, spicy wine with fine fruit and floral elements. Great wine from a Great example of our #futureheroes.

Neefer Frauenberg

2016 - Neefer Frauenberg Riesling GG
Elegant minerality with yellow and exotic fruit notes in the nose, pineapple, apple, also floral and herbal elements. On the palate dense and powerful, well-integrated acidity, great spiciness, green apple, citrus and herbs in the elegant finish.