Weinhof Herrenberg

Claudia & Manfred Loch
Weinhof Herrenberg
Hauptstraße 80
54441 Schoden

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Tasting Notes

Ockfener Bockstein

2015 - LochRiesling Ockfener Bockstein Spätlese
In the nose beautiful spicy minerality with great and intense fruit notes of exotic fruits, also herbs, dates, dried fruit, nuts and raisins. On the palate beautiful bitter sweet grapefruit notes from the mineral spices, nice and fresh acidity and great fruit basket, finishes wonderfully long with citrus, dried fruits and slight salt. Wicked stuff! 

2015 - LochRiesling Ockfener Bockstein Steinmetzrausch
The "Steinmetzrausch" is a fantastic balance of slate minerality, deep fruit notes of gooseberry, yellow apples and stonefruits. Crisp and deep acidity that stays very long. Great hedonistic Riesling.


2015 - LochRiesling Stoveler
Decent nose with elegant minerality and beautiful fruit notes of citrus, gooseberry and apples, on the palate wonderfully balanced and soft, beautiful mild acidity, spicy notes, very nice minerality, yellow apples, yellow plums, herbs, slight quince. 


2015 - LochRiesling Saartyr
What a character in a Riesling! The nose is spicy and mineralic with yellow apples, yellow plum and slightly floral notes. On the palate quite soft and creamy, full bodied, grapefruit and citrus notes, clove spice, the very powerful minerality and acidity carry it forever.