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Geneva, NY 14456
United States

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Tasting Notes


2015 - Ravines Wines Argentsinger Riesling
Elegant nose with spicy minerality, dry, good complexity, slight petrol note, very focused on density and minerality. On the palate great acidity-spice-mix, good balance, very elegant, nice complexity, honey, citrus notes, gooseberries. Finishes very long with a great mix of spices and citrus peel.

2007 - Ravines Wines Argentsinger Riesling
This Argentsinger from 2007 really proves the great aging potential of high-level American Riesling. It can easily do 20 more years. Deep mineralic nose, limestone and some slate based petrol note, exotic and citrus fruit notes, some tobacco leaves, some wet stone, some honey. On the palate super complex with lively young acidity, big spices and several citrus elements. Finishes crisp, long with grapefruit and lemon peel plus the typical great limestone black pepper. This is wicked quality. If you ever get your hands on a 10 year plus bottle - don’t hesitate for a second.

Dry Riesling

2017 - Ravines Dry Riesling
Fruity nose, ripe apples, pears, nice spices, unripe raspberries too. On the palate good spiciness, limestone-style with white pepper in the finish, straight and dense acidity.

2016 - Ravines Dry Riesling
A warmer vintage than 2017. In the nose good slate minerality with a slight petrol note, gooseberries, multiple citrus notes. On the palate little lower acidity as the 2017, still crisp, dense texture, little phenolic, traces of honey, great spices.

2010 - Ravines Dry Riesling
The Ravines Rieslings age really great. Herbal spicy nose with fresh citrus peel, quite young still, unripe pineapple, ripe yellow apples. Apples also on the palate which comes rich and juicy, great dry acidity nicely integrated with the fruit elements and the spicy notes. Long and mouthwatering. Great stuff.

Jeff’s Field

2016 - Ravines Jeff’s Field Riesling
The last vintage of this great wine which is grown on a loam and shell stone terroir. Fruity sweet nose with petrol notes, unripe pineapples and gooseberries. Powerful acidity on the palate, graphite-style spices, phenolic, citrus notes and grapefruit.s


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