3962 NY-14
Dundee, NY 14837
United States

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Tasting Notes

Dry Riesling

2017 - Dry Riesling
Super fruity nose, almost sweet, super inviting, ripe stone fruits – especially peach and apricots, banana. On the palate fresh and dry, citrus peel, lemon, stone fruits, nice minerality. The finish invites you to take the next sip.

2014 - Dry Riesling
In the nose unripe apricots, pineapple, lots of gooseberry, herbs also. The plate starts elegant and soft followed by crisp acidity and beautiful spices, fresh fruit mix with citrus and yellow fruits. Lemon style finish with good length.


1999 - Johannisberg Dry Riesling
Magnificent nose with caramel, smoke, herbs, raisins and dried pineapples. The palate is smooth and elegant, beautiful acidity followed by nice minerality, super fresh, unripe pineapples and grapefruit peel. Finishes long with many great spices.

HJW Vineyard

2017 - HJW Bio Riesling
Young and fresh nose, ripe apples, pear, gooseberry, some yeast, loam style minerality. On the palate still slightly sparkling, very lively, good acidity, very nice fruit mix. Long spicy-fruity finish, herbal with nice grapefruit peel.

2016 - HJW Vineyard Riesling
Nice open fruity nose with exotic fruits and mango. Smooth on the palate, drinking super esay with a great fruit-acidity-mix.

2012 - HJW Vineyard Riesling
Great fruity sweetness in the nose, some cherries. On the palate spicy fresh with nice acidity and a mouthwatering finish.

Riesling Josef Vineyard

2016 - Riesling Josef Vineyard Late Harvest
It feels it bit like Josef is the one to make the most brilliant sweet wines. This one is clean, no botrytis. The nose is simply wonderful, very elegant, pineapples, peaches, apples, inviting. On the palate a super delicious Spätlese that can easily battle against many Moselle Spätlese wines, great balance, super fruity, great acidity. Stick super long.

2009 - Riesling Josef Vineyard Noble Select
A brilliant Riesling at the quality level of a rich Beerenauslese. In the nose ripe apricots, ripe peaches, honey, super inviting, slightly floral. The palate is filled with rich honey, super dense, one drop fills the mouth, all wrapped up smoothly with an everlasting finish.

Riesling Magdalena Vineyard

2014 - Riesling Magdalena Vineyard
Nose is a little closed compared to the 2010, berry aromas, especially strawberry. The palate is a toal surprise, super fresh with great acidity-fruit-balance, lively and great to drink. Very long and elegant finish.

2010 - Riesling Magdalena Vineyard
The nose is very fresh with good fruit and spices, quite ripe and opulent due to the warmer vintage. On the palate ripe fruit, smooth with great spiciness. Finishes with delicious grapefruit peel and white pepper.

2009 - Riesling Magdalena Vineyard
A bomb from a cold vintage! Fresh and mineralic nose, beautiful fruit-spice-mix, super inviting. On the palate perfect crisp acidity, all smoothly integrated, ripe, complex and elegant. Finishes super-long and beautiful.

Riesling Late Harvest

2016 - Riesling Late Harvest
Beautiful fruit nose with mostly exotic fruits. On the palate a great acidity-fruit-balance, nice spices, beautiful fruit basket. Long finish.

Riesling Single Select

2016 - Riesling Single Select
A ripe Auslese with a broad fruit basket in the nose, a ripe stone fruit and exotic mix, honey, cranberries, date fruit. The palate is just ripe, juicy, rich and so lovely.


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