Uncompromisingly Saar – our visit at Hofgut Falkenstein

If you ever stumble into the beautiful village of Niedermennig – close to Saarburg at the beautiful river Saar close to the boarders of France, Luxembourg and Germany – please do not miss to visit the amazing Hofgut Falkenstein.

Family Weber is a very special team: Firstly, they share a special spirit of enjoying everything they do. Secondly, they share an amazing passion for wine and especially Riesling. Thirdly, they have achieved a rock-star-status for their wicked wines. And fourthly, they stick to their principles.

The Saar Riesling is a very special drink. If you follow the rules of Erich Weber, the founder and family head of Hofgut Falkenstein, you will have something in your glass that is so clear that it runs down your throat like an ice-clear waterfall. Something that has such an amazing crisp acidity that even a Spätlese is so fresh and easy to drink that you can’t stop it. And something that is so pure, that it feels like a treasure to have it in your cellar.

This wine is not expensive. But it is rare. Basically, once a fuder is filled into bottles it is also sold. A luxury and a challenge for Erich Weber. He has to limit all bigger orders to a minimum and sometimes he has to say “no”. But he does it for the uncompromising quality of the wines.

Erich took us on a beautiful tour through his vineyards of this cold but sunny, clear blue February day. Once you see his vines you start to understand. Quality comes from limiting the vines to their core quality. Erich lives the statement.

Drinking what he put in the bottles again from the 2017 vintage gives you all the answers to the “why” questions. There is hardly something like that on the market – clear, pure, uncompromisingly crisp, Saar-fresh. All quality levels we had were simply outstanding. Many carry the beautiful taste of firestone minerality that creates a spiciness like almost no other terroir.

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