Discovering Austrian Riesling in Schloss Gobelsburg

After amazing discussions with Emmerich Knoll and Franz Hirtzberger at the Riesling Symposium in Rheingau, we decided to learn more about Austrian Riesling. And there is one great place to do that – Schloss Gobelsburg close to Langenlois. The place itself is living history. In the year 1171, the monks that live in the abbey nearby the castle got their first vineyards. And ever since than, great wine was made here.

We are lucky. The sun is shining from a blue sky this November morning in Niederösterreich. Michael Moosbrugger, the Head of the Schloss Gobelsburg vineyard personally takes the time to guide us – not only through the wine cellar but also through the history of winemaking, the region and the castle. The time passes by so quickly when you have interesting things to talk about.

While tasting the 2016 vintage we immediately recognize that Michael is not just an ambassadors for the castle and its amazing tradition, but also he is a fighter for Austrian wine in general. He took us through the logic of the Austrian quality levels and why it is so important to closely work together between the Austrian and German wine associations. It was an intense learning morning.

Not to forget the tasting of the Schloss Gobelsburg vintage: You can taste it on all quality levels – Michael and his team are very connected to the traditions of the castle and to looking for the harmony in the wines. The Domaine Gobelsburg Kamptal Riesling as well as the Schloss Gobelsburg Zöbing 2016 show very nice minerality and great acidity. Both finish long and well balanced. The Ried Gaisberg and the Ried Heiligenstein still are our favorites – especially the Heiligenstein with his very special minerality. Amazing wines.

We left the castle with great appreciation for the time spent. Thank you, Michael, for your time, dedication and your amazing knowledge.