“Riesling Places”: Hotel Kronenschlösschen in Hattenheim

You cannot tell the story of Riesling without mentioning a few places where the story gets magic. For us, these places are not just Restaurants or Hotels. They are cornerstones of the Riesling history – its past and its current hype.

One of these places is the famous Hotel Kronenschlösschen at the beautiful river Rhine in Hattenheim/Germany. The most important things you need to know about this place: It has a wine list that has been awarded so many times. The second most important? It is a true family owned hotel – with all the spirit around it. The guest is first priority from ‘Hello’ to ‘Goodbye, come again’. Number three: Here, tradition meets passion – that is why so many people have stories to tell about this place.

How do you build up a wine list that comes as a book and reaches back decades? With love and passion. You can feel it while you study the pages. Clearly, a great lover of Bordeaux and Californian wines had a hand in this. But also the variety of Riesling can only be called exceptional. You love old Riesling? Here is your new home.

Almost every room of the little castle has its own story and style. You can also book your favorite room directly. Walking through the halls and up the stairs, you sense the history of the place. Walking through the park or across the street to the riverbank of the Rhine, you see and smell the nature and beauty of the surrounding.

The restaurant of the Kronenschlösschen offers amazing food that comes with great recommendation from Michelin. The restaurant used to have a Michelin star, after the change of the cook two years ago they are fighting (you can taste it) to get the star back. We had a truly fantastic menu with five courses including scallops, lobster and beef in beautiful, creative and delicious variations.

If you are going to the Rhine and you are looking for a great experience try the Kronenschlösschen and let us know what you experienced.

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