Georg Breuer: Great wine is family business

Do you know the feeling of being really welcome? It is amazing. Do you know people that truly have a heart that can give you the feeling? There are only a few on this world.

One of them is Theresa Breuer. She is “Da Boss” of famous and well-known winery Georg Breuer in the Rheingau. This producer is special – only small amounts from rather small very characteristic vineyards, only small barrels with very individual wine development, full focus on quality, full focus on nature, clear shift towards dry wines a long time ago.

You recognize the flagship wine Berg Schlossberg immediately because every year it carries a different artwork on its label. But this is well known. Also the story of the surprising death of Theresa’s father Bernhard Breuer when she was only 20 years old. But – without being disrespectful of the great heritage of Bernhard – that was 14 years ago.

Things have moved on since then. What we want to talk about in the blog post is different: Amazing social skills to form an amazing team.

One of the things you immediately recognize when you visit the winery Georg Breuer is the amazing family feeling that makes it all happen. The team is a true team. Long lasting relationships define the business. The cellarmaster Markus Lundén lives right next to the Breuer family and the winery. Everybody is joking and having fun with everyone. Everybody knows each other for a long time.

You cannot get away from that feeling. It makes you want to roll your sleeves and start working to become a part of this team. And a part of this feeling.

Everything seems to come from Theresa. Although this can hardly be true, it is obvious that she is a highly sensitive person – what makes her very perceptive to the needs of not only the people around her but also to the vines in the vineyards. As a result you have somebody who really cares – about the team and about great quality wine. A combination that you also recognize in the glass.

We tasted all quality levels. All are in very good balance. From the cuvee to the top Rieslings. All have a great, lively acidity and great minerality – be it slate or loam. All have great fruit – very typical are yellow fruit notes and citrus flavors, also raspberries can be tasted in some of the wines (even in the Pinot Noir Rose). Four top Rieslings – Roseneck, Rottland, Schlossberg and Nonneberg – are highly individual but all with great spicy minerality, high complexity and everlasting finish.

If you need a value for money recommendation: Try the Terra Montosa! It combines all four best vineyards in one amazing Riesling cuvee that comes for only 20 Euros. Great for the summer too as the nose is super fresh and the wine is very juicy.