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Tasting Notes

Trimbach Classic

2017 - Trimbach Classic Riesling
The entry level Riesling of Domain Trimbach comes with a fresh and spicy nose, with juicy grape notes, herbs and unripe pineapples. The palate is very clear with fresh acidity and nice spices. Finishes quite mouthwatering with grapefruits peel, citrus and spicy notes.

Trimbach Reserve

2016 - Trimbach Riesling Reserve
Spicy limestone minerality and a great structure define this wine. The palate is very elegant with fresh acidity, great spices and green apple notes. Finishes very long with citrus-pink grapefruit style. Delicious Riesling in the price range below 20 Euros.

Trimbach Selection de Vielles Vignes

2015 - Trimbach Selection de Vielles Vignes Riesling
Great Riesling from the older vines at the warmer terroir with marl and limestone minerality. In the nose ripe and soft, spicy minerality, ripe yellow fruits, also pineapple. On the palate great freshness, great minerality with spicy mouthful, ripe fruits again. Citrus style finish, fresh and mouthwatering, slightly salty.


2013 - Trimbach Geisberg Grand Cru Riesling
Ripe nose with dried fruit and raisins, very inviting. On the palate soft but still powerful, beautiful acidity, spicy minerality, ripe fruits. Finishes fresh and dry with nice citrus peel.

Cuvee Frédéric Emile

2011 - Trimbach Riesling “Cuvee Frédéric Emile”
The best of the two Grand Cru vineyards Geisberg and Osterberg in Ribeauvillé: Fruit-based, exotic nose with great spiciness, also ripe apples and pears. On the palate deep minerality from marl, limestone and sand, nice complexity and beautiful spices. The finish is defined by fresh spices, some aging notes of honey and slight salt.

2009 - Trimbach Riesling “Cuvee Frédéric Emile”
In the nose beautiful minerality from slate, apples, pear, wood, slightly smoky. On the palate creamy acidity, yeast notes, wood, slight quince, beautifully integrated minerality, very long spicy finish. Great wine!

Clos Ste Hune

2013 - Trimbach Clos Ste Hune Riesling
Fantastic nose of ripeness, minerality and high complexity, already very inviting, slight raisins, some kiwi, gooseberries, honey and candied pineapple. The palate is clear and elegant, fantastic minerality with multiple layers of spices, fantastic rounded acidity. Long, long finish with complex minerality and ripe fruit notes, some grapefruit peel. Wicked!

2011 - Trimbach Clos Ste Hune Riesling
Pierre Trimbach compared the 2011 with the 1983 – it is amazingly rich, intense and complex on the nose, powerful and full of cool minerality, a fruit range from stone fruit to apple to tropical fruits, herbal and spicy. On the palate so dense, so complex, so long. It is a rich and concentrated, powerful but elegant, smooth and balanced. Clearly an icon of Riesling art! 

2006 - Trimbach Clos Ste Hune Riesling
This riesling is a legend! Clos Ste Hune 2006 Grand cru from Alsace France. It is a pleasure to drink this! Flavors of stone fruits, apple, honey, herbs, tropical fruits, minerals and melon add up to a deep, balanced and long lasting taste of pure luxury. One of the best in Europe.

1982 - Trimbach Clos Ste Hune Riesling
The nose is floral, vanilla, honey, slightly smoky, cassis, green apple, spices of clove and white pepper, pear, zabaglione. One the palate a grabbing acidity, very straight, crystal clear, spicy with lots of grapefruit peel, pepper, still strong minerality. Finishes with citrus peel, smoky and zabaglione. An amazing experience.


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